Taavi Women Black & Beige Ajrakh Hand Block Print Longline Open-Front Shrug with Pockets


Special Technique/Craft:
Ajrakh: The authentic Ajrakh is printed on both sides by a method known as resist printing. This form of printing is done by hand with hand-carved wooden blocks. Several different blocks are used to give the characteristic repeated patterning. Traditional ‘Ajrakh’ involves various stages of dyeing and resist printing using natural dyes and mordants. Indigo and madder are the primary colours that are used for dyeing. The resist and some colours are printed on the cloth using carved wooden blocks. These blocks are carved with intricate symmetrical patterns so that the same block can be used for both sides of the clot


  • Region: Rajasthan and Gujarat
  • Black and Beige
  • Front-open hand block printed lingline shrug
  • Three-Quartersleeves
  • Assymetric hem 
  • 2 pockets
  • Ajrakh Hand Block Print


  • This is a handcrafted shrug, and is prone to colour bleeding due to use of natural dyes
  • The print on the garment might be unevenly owning to the handcrafted nature of the product, adding essence to the garment.

Inspired by Indian crafts, Taavi presents you this stylish handcrafted shrug. Spruce up this piece for a casual day out by layering it over a light crop top, palazzos and ballerinas.


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