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Fashion is similar to an ever changing carousel; it is all about what's hot, what is not and what will be for another season. In this whirlpool of searching for what is the best for you, we believed we can help you by bringing the must-have shoes for all. We thought this little guide might help you pick the right footwear for you. To make things simpler for you, we've chosen one brand of footwear, so that you have a restricted choice. The more the option, the further confusion. So let's keep it simple and examine the must-have Red Tape shoes in every fashion conscious wardrobe.

Red Tape Black Lace-Up Oxfords

Everyone should own a traditional set of black dress shoes from Red Tape. Ditch those excess particulars and adhere to something simple which is perfect for both, grand occasions such as weddings and simple events like a cocktail night. These simple black dress shoes are low key and therefore are yet exceptionally smart.

Red Tape Casuals

A handsome pair of brown or grey casual shoes would be the best that you can give yourself. When it's for a semi-formal office meeting, a much-awaited date or a day out with your work friends, with Red Tape's casual shoes, you're sure to steal the limelight.

Brown Brogues 

If you are looking for a pair of shoes which are equally, fashionable and practical, then proceed for brogues from Red Tape. These brogues were designed for men who are into swamp-related interests. Today, they continue to be ideal for pretty much everyday wear or special occasions, and are a fantastic investment for your own wardrobe.

Red Tape Winter Boots

As there's a dip in the warmth, an important part of a wardrobe is a pair of good boots. And it's definitely better if you've got more than just one pair. So this winter, equip your apparel with stylish boots from Red tape and remain in vogue.

Red Tape Sneakers

What's far better than hitting the gym or the joggers park with a set of super trendy and comfortable pair of shoes. A fantastic pair of sneakers shouldn't date so make sure that you pick Red Ink shoes in simple designs and subtle colours.

No products were found matching your selection.


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