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High-tops are shoes that do protect the ankle.Traditionally, they'll be somewhat bulky and somewhat heavier on foot, making them better for winter than summer.High-tops aren't often seen outside of streetwear. They are usually less understated compared to a nice, clean low shirt, and they don't really look right with much more formal outfits.You are not likely to see many high tops in menswear.

Are sneakers considered casual?

For the original question, jeans and sneakers may be considered smart casual, but just the right types. For shoes , a smart casual pair could be something clean and minimal searching. They'd generally be lace-ups, and very low profile.

Best Color Sneakers to wear?

  • For young people(espically if you're a school guy or girl). . Its great ro wear vivid color like pink, crimson, green, flowery prints, white (they're the bright one of all infact these shoes could be matched with different contrasting colors of shoe laces this will create them eye tricky....
  • Experimenting with sneakers can be great as it enhances your appearance if you wear denims you can experiment with almost any color of sneaker.
  • If one like indian dresses also they can attempt glittery shoes especially ladies.silver one are also classy
  • Silver or gold may also be matched with western dresses since they are very glamourious colors. . But its essential to keep in mind silver and golden gives retro look so be discerning.
  • Lastly black, blue, white are genuinly good and are very famious but I believe you should try everything in their life attempt to wear amazing and bright colur that they keep you young and enthusiastic. .

No products were found matching your selection.


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