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Formal Shoes Collection for Men

Men's formal shoes have been around for over 100 years; there is no doubt that, even to this day, a pair of oxfords or the likes are a staple piece in each man's wardrobe - or at least they should be. In history, formal shoes have been commonly worn among the top class men as a sign of wealth and status. Later on, the proper shoe became each man's go-to shoe for most office and perform related events. A formal shoe is regarded as the timeless bit that joins the whole outfit together. Before we get into the thick of things, have a look at this useful video that shows you which pairs of shoes every man should have in his or her wardrobe.

Types of Formal Shoes for Men

Over time, Men's footwear choices have expanded to include many layouts, each catering to the occasions. People who adore lace-ups can dip into an assortment of stylish options, while guys who prefer slip-ons also have an equally enjoyable choice to select from. Here's a quick list of some of the most effective formal shoes you may find.

The Brogue

The brogue style is easily the most flexible design since it's made of multiple pieces of leather. This allows different leather and fabric combinations, referred to as the two-tone shoes to be created. One of the Most Well-known wearer of this brogue was Edward the Prince of Wales in the 1930's. But more recently there have been some renowned brogue wearers such as Jack Nicholson, Robbie Williams and Jude Law rocking with the classically trendy shoes. These shoes are usually seen worn with a suit, so to achieve a polished, smart appearance. Brogues are now seen as a suitable business shoe in black, a smart, yet relaxed alternative in brown or an edgy alternative with two tone colored leathers. You can get brogues at a hobnail boot layout, with the extra grip providing a ideal base if you're trekking through cobbles or uneven ground. The best brogues are the ones which may be combined with smart and casual outfits to make a clean, sophisticated finish.


Classic in every sense of the word, oxford formal shoes are chic and smart. One distinctive characteristic that separates the design from that of Derbys is that the eyelets are affixed beneath the vamps. This gives a very neat bit to formal ensembles. The favorite fashion looks best when worn with pants of the right length so that they don't conceal the nice details on the tops of these shoes.


The monk shoe or monk strap's been around for quite a while. It has a history dating back to the apparel worn by monks thus the name of this shoe, usually a sandal but fastened with a buckle. This layout allows for the top of the shoe to have a simple buckle final which some folks prefer to getting laces flapping around. The closed, and smooth nature of this layout give it a comparatively formal appearance. The double monk with 2 buckles is a little more fashionable at the moment. The Monk is also a shoe that appears really good in suede because of its mixture between formal and casual.


If the metal buckle detail and laces are not for you, dress shoes in the design of loafers are ideal. Despite their often-casual reputation, they can take on exceptionally dressy components to make them ideal formal shoes. The shape may be sleeker, the substance may be polished to a nice glow, and they may or may not contain details such as overlays and stitching. What is clear is that loafers have turned into a popular trend among dress shoes for men.

Chelsea Boots

Because of this, it's turned into a contemporary favourite for many guys now. It's a style that is over 150 years old, but in that time it's look has radically changed and accommodated with the going trends. If you look at the present way of sporting the Chelsea boot, then it's very much in keeping with the origins of the shoe. It's the perfect balance of becoming dressed up than a trainer, but maybe not quite as appropriate as a pair of Oxfords. Being exceptionally adaptable, it satisfies both a businessman needing a sturdy yet refined shoe and the casual wearer wanting a shoe which will cope with most conditions on a weekend. It works nicely paired with a sharp top, your everyday t-shirt or a cable knitted jumper. A solid wardrobe staple which every person should have a set of.

Comfort Matters

No shoe is well worth it if it is not comfortable. Ill-fitting footwear not just throws off position, but also causes injury. The top part of a shoe should be soft enough to help prevent blisters and calluses. The toe box should have enough room so that toes aren't cramped, even if the fit is snug. Any overlays or stitches that are present shouldn't dig in to your foot but ought to be comfortable. Try to decide on shoes with a gentle enough foot-bed and a durable outsole so that you can move around with no issue and get the most wear out of them.

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