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Buy Formal Trousers for men

While you have spent in quality tops and clever blazers, its mens formal pants which are the unsung heroes of your workplace wear apparel. Without the ideal pair of trousers, your otherwise wise shirts and coat may look sloppy. A gently powerful piece that's a wardrobe staple, it is vital that you pick the right pants for men for a general trendy wardrobe.

Which is the best brand for formal pants?

Today we share top formal pant brands that add a dash of style as well as look powerful for your board meetings.

  1. Park Avenue
  2. John Players
  3. Raymond
  4. Peter England
  5. Next
  6. Louis Philippe
  7. Invictus
  8. Allen Solly

What is the best fabric cloth for formal trousers

  • Cotton- It no doubt is the most comfortable fabric. As it is breathable,light weight so ideal for summer. Tip: Cotton shirts are a great pickups but bit coarser cotton goes well for trouser, Chino Styles.
  • Linen- Natural fiber made from flax plant. This one is the most classy option. There are lot of variations which comes in Linen material. Tip: You can wear shirt and trouser both of linen fabric. Pastel shades are the best bet specially for shirts.
  • Khadi- During the to.e of Quit India Movement, Khadi has got it's recognition. Though it's coarser as a fabric, but comfortable for Indian climate. Rather Khadi has now taken lot of International attention,especially fabric like Khadi Silk. Tip: Kadi pants are must haves.
  • Rayon- Blend of natural materials like cotton,pulp etc. This is also an option,as it is glossy also in texture. Tip: Very classy look pants.
  • Chambray - Speciality of this textile is the more you wash the more finner it will become. Light weight and durable fabric. Tip: Shirts with pastel hues and Trousers of different colours.
  • Silk- The most hypoallergenic fabric and even most durable one. Blend with other fabrics and great for summer wear.

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