8 Types of Kurtis Every Women Should try!!

8 Types of Kurtis Every Women Should try!!

An Indian woman’s wardrobe is incomplete without a Kurtis. Following is a listing of 8 types of Kurti which are so amazing your wardrobe is yelling for them!

Kurtis is loved by women all around the planet and why would not they be?

You’ll come across many unique forms of Kurti if you moved on a wardrobe hunt around the country. Otherwise a Kurti, at the very least a garment that’s close to a Kurti.

While there are many different types of Kurtis, there is something they all share, whatever the color, pattern or Kurti design, all Kurtis are super comfortable and prepossessing.

The choice is unlimited. No matter what your style announcement is, you’ll discover the perfect one for you.

If you believe you know all the kinds of Kurti which exist, you might want to rethink!

Let us talk Kurti baby! From classic Anarkali to unconventional Angrakha, we guarantee this read will open a new universe of Kurtis for you!

We have thrown in some special Style Tips too!

1. Kaftan Kurti

Kaftan Kurti

A kaftan Kurti has its origins in the Middle East. This Kurti is characterized by its loose fit, a tightened belt around the waist and broad flared arms.

The kaftan Kurti may be long or short, depending upon your personal style selection. Solid color kaftan Kurtis are normally a popular choice. Since this Kurti looks like a poncho it is quite often known as the poncho Kurti.

Style tip: To get a wise and chic look, pair this Kurti using palazzos or wide-legged trousers. Add some ethnic earrings to truly complete the appearance. Or simply wear them in there as a dress.

2.Angrakha Kurti

Angrakha Kurti

Ranveer Singh in his Mehendi ceremony! That is right! That right there is the best definition of an Angrakha Kurti.

Do not be puzzled! The Angrakha Kurti was initially worn by the men in Rajasthan, it’s only recently made its way into women’s style.

Unlike some other Kurti layout, the Angrakha seems the best when it’s a traditional block-print layout. Perhaps, some things look better with a hint of tradition and heritage?

This type of Kurti looks best on girls who have a very slender and petite frame.

Styling suggestion: Accessorise this Kurti with metallic trash jewelry to enhance your Kurti design.

3. Anarkali Kurtis

Anarkali Kurti


Of all the different types of Kurtis from the history of Bollywood, the Anarkali Kurtis is an evergreen beauty.

The Anarkali Kurti wants no introduction — you have seen it on actors like Rekha in the 1970s and on versions on the runway as 2020!

This Kurti design is so versatile; you may wear it to a big fat Indian wedding and even for a casual dinner with your friends. In fact, this flared Kurti may even be worn as a dress — discuss an all-rounder!

Such kinds of Kurti seem good on every body type, which means you can happily fill your closet with Anarkali design Kurtis.

Styling tip: you may pair an Anarkali with cigarette pants or utilize it like a stand-alone dress. Wearing heels will help add heigh

4.Chic Denim Kurti

Denim Kurti, Denim Kurtis

The denim Kurti is more commonly known as the shirt style, Kurti. It’s safe to presume that the denim Kurti was inspired by the denim shirt, thus the similarities.

This denim Kurti seems fantastic when worn to function and even a casual afternoon outside in the mall. Since this shirt style, Kurti is usually mid-thigh length, it suits people with a slim and toned body.

While styling a denim Kurti, folks normally go wrong when they set this Kurti with the same colored bottoms. Unlike the denim on denim fashion, this is not a great appearance. Consistently pair your denim Kurti with fundamental bottoms such as white, cream or beige.

5.Tail Cut Kurti

Tail Cut Kurti

A tail cut Kurti is your best way to up your Kurti game! This Kurtis is shorter in front and longer in the trunk, the proportion of long to short can differ as per your and the designer’s selection. Quirkier the better!

This sort of Kurti is great for casual and semi-formal events since they include a little bit of pleasure to your overall appearance.

If you have got an hourglass figure then a tail cut Kurti is perfect to accentuate your preferences.

Styling tip: whilst pairing the tail cut Kurti with cigarette pants is the present fad, you can pair yours with nothing and create a statement wearing it like a dress.

6.Double layer Kurtis

Double layer Kurti

A double coating Kurti is exactly like any other Kurti, with a single little change — an additional layer. This additional layer could be under the hemline or it might be a completely new layer on top of the Kurti.

The appearance and aesthetic of this double layer Kurti depend on the design and the cut of this Kurti.

This new fashion Kurti has caught the attention of different celebrities and fashion designers, making it a very common appearance in 2018.

The best aspect of this Kurti style is that it satisfies every body type!

Styling suggestion: When in doubt, keep it simple. Make sure the bottoms are the same print or the same color.

7.Jacket style Kurti

Jacket style Kurti, Jacket style Kurtis

Without a doubt, of all the different types of Kurtis available, the coat style Kurti has to be the ideal way to dress up any outfit!

The excellent thing about this Kurti design is you could create Indian appearances, western appearances and perhaps even indo-western looks — it all depends on how you style it.

The jacket style Kurti may be worn out with lehengas, crop tops and jeans, jeggings, palazzos, and possibly even churidars.

This Kurti is great for a pear-shaped physique.

Do make sure the colors of both items are the exact same.

8.Asymmetrical Kurtis

Asymmetrical Kurti, Asymmetrical Kurtis

An asymmetrical Kurti, as the name implies, is a Kurti that is asymmetrical in shape usually without any slits.

The large low Kurti is among the most usual forms of this asymmetrical Kurti. The fantastic part about this Kurti is that it can be worn to several events and occasions, it all is dependent upon how you design it.

Styling tip: An asymmetrical Kurti always seems the best with palazzos.

We expect this read has educated you further about the beloved Kurti. So place this knowledge to great use, hunt your favorite down and slay it in your next party or workout with the women.

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