7 Myths About Men Fashion

7 Myths About Men Fashion

Men’s style is not quite as simple as we think it is. It’s as much complex as that of women’s and can’t be dealt with. In the current world, men have become conscious of the style choices, but a lot of the time that they get unduly affected by commonly accepted myths. The purpose of myths is to make you think in something which is often accepted but wrong–and trusts me, men’s fashion sector is filled with them. In the following guide, I’ll let you know the 7 Myths About Men Fashion business which you shouldn’t think.

7 Myths About Men Fashion

Designer clothing is always expensive

Yes most, but not, designer clothes are expensive and a few items never receive price discounts, but a lot of them do. When there’s something you truly want, but it’s not within your budget, just keep your mouth and eyes open. Check sites often, subscribe to mailing lists, and don’t be afraid to ask a sales partner when a specific thing might be discounted.

Match Shoes and Belt

I’ve heard it lots of instances from my man friends that shoes and belts should match in color. While this is not entirely false, the degree to which it is accepted is not fashion-friendly. You might want to match belt and shoes; you can also choose to opt for slightly varying colors to acquire an edgy look.

On the other hand, the tone difference should not be too intense or too less. But if you would like to wear contrasts, make sure they get along with the whole look.

No Formals without Ties

There’s a frequent misconception among people that ties are a must-go with each formal outwear, particularly in the case of men’s official outwear. It’s an outdated rule and does not invite much acceptance in the fashion business,

Ties add fashion to your formal look, no doubt about this, but they aren’t crucial to your appearance. You can do without them, even during interviews, given that your formal outwear is worn properly and smartly.

The key to good style is to follow the trends

This is just plain incorrect. Having style is about finding what looks best on you and what your own personal tastes are. In reality, classic menswear often appears more stylish than seasonal tendencies do. If you love bowties, wear one every day.

If you want to wear a blazer over everything out of T-shirts to dress shirts, make your thing. You don’t need to wear the most recent and greatest to be able to stand out.

Pink On Men Is A No-Go Zone

Pink doesn’t make you stink; poor hygiene does. Now that is settled, pink is your greatest spring color and, like florals, should be adopted. Pastels play up that whole south of France’s demeanor. Like a sock, pocket square or necktie mix pastel with butterflies or gray and mild, linen fabrics, and you are going to be sailing off in no time.

The pink is perfect. Just keep in mind to unite the perky hue with neutral colors and you’ll be peacocking like the guys at Pitti Uomo, in no time.

No Flowery Patterns

We have been associating flowers with femininity for so long that it becomes difficult to imagine men wearing floral designs. However, the 21st-century men fashion is shattering all ceilings and establishing new trends.

Nowadays, floral designs are stylish in men’s style. There are various outwears bearing floral designs designed especially for men. From ties to pairs of pants, you can find those otherwise stereotyped floral patterns.

Denim Over Denim Is A Big No

This myth is losing ground progressively, but it does not necessarily mean just a few men and women believe in it. Wearing denim over denim is difficult to pull off, but there’s not any bar in trying this out fashion. In reality, if you are ready to pull this off style in an ideal way, then you’d look absolutely smart and confident.

Just to give you an example on how denim over denim can be effectively carried out: wear a mild shade pair of jeans coupled with a darker color shirt. The simplest way to pull off this look is to couple two contrasting shades denim–that works the majority of the moment!

These 7 Myths About Men Fashion is nowhere stand. Fashion is wearing your own style either it is Pink Shirts or flower printed every apparel defines its own statement. Check the Best and awesome trendy Men’s Collection to break these myths.

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